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Looking for a whole other kind of experience?

I love wearing pretty panties and, even more, I love when a man (maybe you?) appreciates them ;-)...I'm really turned on by the idea of you playing with my worn panties, maybe ones I wore while we were talking?...or some panties I did something special in just for you?...maybe they were panties you got especially for me?...or maybe you'd like to try them on yourself?...there's a million possibilities...


  I will put up some pics of me in panties in the near future - check back!



why don't you send me an e-mail or give me a call and let me know what turns you on about this...I'd really like to play with you ;-)...what kind of panties do you like most?...what would you like me to do in them?

speaking of panties....I think I better change mine now - they're all soaking wet from imagining doing this with you...